During the 2018 IPCPR held in Las Vegas, Alec Bradley presented some new cigars. Here are all the 2018 news.

Alec Bradley Bespoke: a Nicaraguan puro, whose production has been entrusted to Plasencia Cigars. The available sizes will be five:

  • Alec Bradley Bespoke Robust, cepo 50 x 127 mm (5″)
  • Alec Bradley Bespoke Taurus, cepo 52 x 152 mm (6″)
  • Alec Bradley Bespoke Torpedo, cepo 52 x 159 mm (6.3″)
  • Alec Bradley Bespoke Gordo, cepo 60 x 152 mm (6″)
  • Alec Bradley Bespoke Churchill, cepo 50 x 178 mm (7″)

All the formats will be sold in boxes of 20 units at a price between $ 155 and $ 199.80 depending on the format. Shipping will start in August 2018.

Alec Bradley Fine & Rare JRS10 = (86): the Fine & Rare receives the second version of JRS10 = (86). The cigar is practically the same, the only difference is the year of the harvest; what changes is the production process of of the boxes.

The artifact is made with wrapper and binder from Honduras; the filler is a mix of Honduran and Nicaraguan leaves. Available in a single and fat size (56 x 165 mm – 6.5″) it will be made in limited quantities: 2.500 boxes containing each 10 units, priced at $ 21.90 per single cigar. The new Alec Bradley Fine & Rare JRS10 = (86) will be available starting from October 2018.

Alec Bradley Magic Toast: this line is born from a toast with whiskey in a night of inspection at the tobacco plantations in Honduras; the blend is made with a wrapper and a binder from Honduras, while the filler is a mix of tobaccos coming from Honduras and Nicaragua. Specifically, the Honduran tobacco comes from that supervised field.

Cigars will be available from September 2018 in three formats:

  • Alec Bradley Magic Toast Sturdy, cepo 52 x 127 mm (5″)
  • Alec Bradley Magic Toast Bull, cepo 52 x 152 mm (6″)
  • Alec Bradley Magic Toast Gordo, cepo 60 x 152 mm (6″)

Boxes will be containing 20 units and the price will be between $ 179 and $ 205 per box. Production is entrusted to Raíces Cubanas.

At the IPCPR was also present the cigar line created by the sons of Alan Rubin, Alec and Bradley; the product name is Alec & Bradley Blind Faith and you can read the article reserved for the Rubin brothers by clicking here.

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