A.J. Fernandez had presented the Bellas Artes line at the IPCPR. The line is composed of a Nicaraguan Hybrid wrapper, a Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos from Brazil, Honduras and Nicaragua. The vitolas of the Bellas Artes are four:

▪    Gordo (58 x 165mm, $10.50)
▪    Robusto (52 x 127mm, $8.80)
▪    Short Churchill (48 x 152mm, $8.30)
▪    Toro (54 x 152mm, $9.50)


Every cigar will be packaged in 20 count boxes.

There was also a line extension of the Last Call, which is not limited by one sizes anymore, and the addition of a Maduro version presented, both Nicaraguan puros. The lines are made up of five identical vitolas each:

▪    Chiquitas (50 x 89mm)
▪    Corticas (52 x 101mm)
▪    Geniales (48 x 114mm)
▪    Flaquitas (46 x 152mm)
▪    Pequeñas (46 x 127mm)

They are packaged in 25 count boxes.


Other news have been appearing now, that regard the expansion of the San Lotano line, with tre new cigars, two new lines, la Dias de Gloria and Free World, and new versions of the Enclave, with a Broadleaf wrapper, and the New World, with a Habano Especial wrapper.

The three new San Lotano’s are:

▪    San Lotano Edicion Limitada Toro (54 x 165mm)
▪    San Lotano 54s Toro (54 x 152mm, sara disponibile in tre versioni di cape; Broadleaf, Connecticut e Habano)
▪    San Lotano Spanish Press (la linea consiste di quattro vitole: Gran Toro (56 x 152mm), Robusto (50 x 127mm), Short Churchill (48 x 152mm) e Toro (52 x 152mm)

Cigars_Featured_Pic_SanLotanoEL-1 Cigars_Featured_Pic_SanLotano54s-1 Cigars_Featured_Pic_SanLotanoSP (1)

The Enclave Broadleaf and New World Habano Especial will come in the following sizes:

Enclave Broadleaf:

▪    Belicoso (56 x 152mm)
▪    Churchill (52 x 178mm)
▪    Gordo (58 x 140mm)
▪    Robusto (52 x 127mm)
▪    Toro (54 x 165mm)

New World Habano Especial:

▪    Gordo (58 x 152mm)
▪    Robusto (55 x 140mm)
▪    Short Churchill (48 x 152mm)
▪    Toro (54 x 165mm)


Regarding the two new lines Dias de Gloria and Free World, they will be made up of four sizes each:

Dias de Gloria:

▪    Gordo (58 x 152mm)
▪    Robusto (52 x 140mm)
▪    Short Churchill (48 x 165mm)
▪    Toro (56 x 152mm, box-pressed)


Free World:

▪    Robusto (50 x 140mm)
▪    Robusto Gordo (58 x 152mm)
▪    Toro (50 x 165mm)
▪    Toro Grande (56 x 165mm)Cigars_Featured_Pic_FreeWorld-1

Details regarding the blend of haven’t been released yet.

A small quantity of these cigars could be found in a few stores before the 8th of August, deadline of the FDA. There will surely be an official launch , regarding these cigars, in the near future.

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